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If you purchased shoes with a pointed toe its a smart idea to take them to a shoe cobbler and request toe caps to be added to the point of your shoe. The toe will be the first place to show signs of wear, which can eventually cause damage to the upper half of your shoe.

Before you step out in your new shoes, take them to a shoe cobbler and request rubber soles to be added to the bottom of your shoes. These soles will ensure a longer life for your shoes and will also provide resistance on slippery surfaces!

Unfortunately the erosion of a heel cap is inevitable with wear. A heel cap protects the heel and creates traction for slippery surfaces. If you continue to walk on heels that have a damaged heel cap you will damage the heel itself, beyond repair.

While you walk your feet will perspire slightly, causing your shoes to be somewhat damp when you remove them. To prevent folds and creases forming as they dry, consider shoe trees. They will absorb any moisture as well as support and uphold the shape of you shoes. These are super inexpensive and can make a huge difference in the life span of your shoes.

Leather, fabric and suede shoes have a high possibility of damage depending on weather and environmental conditions. These materials are extremely delicate and should be treated accordingly. Prepare your shoes for water damage and stains, before you wear them. Make sure to opt for a high quality protector to ensure the colour of the shoe remains the same. It is recommended you test the protector on a small area of your shoes before applying to the whole shoe, just to make sure.

Similar to our own skin, leather needs to be moisturized. We recommend getting a shoe conditioner that will protect your leather from cracking.

We don’t blame you for waiting to wear your Dolci Firme shoes everyday, although in order to prolong your shoes for as long as possible its important not to wear the same shoes day after day. Rotate between shoes in order to give them all a longer life.

Shoe Care And Warranty

Dolci Firme shoes are made by expert Italian craftsmen using the finest natural materials. As with all handmade products, each shoe will carry small individual differences and owing to the natural materials used slight imperfections may occur.

Each pair of shoes is of high quality and we suggest that particular care is taken during wear, especially shoes with hand embroidery or embellishments. We recommend that special care is taken in the protection of leather soles and replacing heel caps regularly by specialised shoe repairers.

To help increase the longevity of your shoes, we always recommend getting a shoe repairer to put on a "Topy Sole," a highly durable rubber sole that will ensure that they don't wear out. It can also protect the front of the shoe and prevent scuffing. It is therefore especially useful to keep your points in great condition.

Please note that Dolci Firme is not responsible for eventual shortcomings due to the wear and tear or misuse of a product. Responsibility of the product due to determined manufacturing faults is taken where required by law.

Always ask your leather specialist for advice before applying any product to your shoes and bags.

Leather items can last a lifetime if they are regularly maintained and treated well. Leather is skin and just as you would clean your own, you need to clean and nourish your leather to help retain its durability and texture.

Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out until it eventually cracks, scuffs and stiffens. Leather shoes and bags should be polished and conditioned once a month to preserve their life if they are worn regularly. When cleaning leather, never use strong detergents. Always choose a specific leather product that helps to preserve the natural lubricating oils rather than stripping them away.

Using a leather cleaner and a soft cloth is best way to remove dirt and debris, followed by a leather conditioner to soften your shoes or bag. When trying to minimise the appearance of scratches, use a cream formula that is a shade lighter than the shoe/bag, always test in an inconspicuous spot first.

Waterproofing sprays act as a barrier between leather and water, they can also prevent dirt from settling into the leather. They should only be applied to a clean, dry surface. Always follow the product's instructions and apply only as directed. NEVER USE HEAT TO DRY LEATHER. Always let leather AIR DRY.

Water is the number one enemy of leather and skin products. Always try to avoid puddles and rain where possible.

Although calf leather is considered as a relatively strong leather, it can still become marked with scratching and wear. Any loose dirt should be wiped with a soft damp cloth and air-dried immediately. Do not use any cleaning products containing solvents, as they can damage the leather surface finishing. It is also not recommended to use coloured creams on calf leather. Occasional maintenance may be required to buff away scuffs or marks.

Like calf leather, it is a relatively strong leather, but it still requires occasional maintenance as with all leather goods. Any loose dirt should be wiped with a soft damp cloth and air-dried immediately. Avoid contact with solvents and liquids containing alcohol, as they can affect the wax finishing of the leather.

Kid leather is a light but durable material. The nature of this leather is to stretch over time. However, it will maintain it's endurance. To clean the products, wipe them with a soft damp cloth and air-dry immediately. Never use heat. When not used, store away from humidity and any sources of heat to prevent the skin from cracking. We also recommend storing your products inside their original dust bag or box.

Patent leather is long-lasting and durable, due to its finish of a mixture of acrylic and polyurethane, but it may lose its glossy finish over time with excessive wear. When not used, the products should be stored in their dust bags, and avoid contact with any dark or heavily-printed materials as the leather can easily absorb ink or pigment. Avoid contact with solvents and liquids containing alcohol, as they can damage the leather surface. Clean the products with a soft damp cloth and air-dry immediately.

Simply use a damp cloth (not wet) to clean surfaces and keep shiny. Patent shoes can scratch easily so avoid abrasive surfaces. Once a sharp object comes into contact with patent leather the damage is irreversible.

Suede is made from the underside of animal skin. It is much softer and more delicate than standard leather, which is more durable as it is the outer skin. It is a supple and absorbent material that can mark and stain easily. Before wearing your suede item, we recommend spraying them all over with a waterproofing spray to help protect them from dirt and water. Re-apply every couple of months We recommend using a high quality suede protector to keep products protected and in good condition. Also it is best to use a suede brush to clear away loose dirt. However, take care when doing so, as rough or needless use can cause permanent damage.

Always ask your shoe repairer for advice before starting anything on your shoes and bags.

Always ask your shoe repairer for advice before starting anything on your shoes and bags.

Pony hair does not come from horses. It is the name used for hair that is from a calf. Calf hair is delicate and always wears out over time and constant rubbing on the same spot. Extra care should be taken due to the delicate nature of Pony. Avoid any abrasion, humidity and direct heat. Over time, the hair may eventually change and shedding can occur.

To clean this material, use a soft dry cloth and always work in the direction of the fur grain. To maintain a pony hair item, avoid wearing the products in wet weather or driving, as the hair will come off where your feet touch the carpet or other rough surfaces, particularly in heel area. You can wipe calf hair smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp cloth, not wet!

Nappa is a soft material. Products made with this material can stretch over time. It is important to take this into consideration when selecting your size for shoes or boots. Nappa is a porous leather. Therefore, we advise to avoid wet weather, creams and other water, oil or alcohol based solutions when wearing shoes or accessories that are made from this material.

Smooth leather is an aniline leather, which means it is kept as natural as possible with no protective surface finishing. As a result, smooth leather easily absorbs anything that is spilled onto it. It is important that you take extra care, as the stain cannot be removed once it is deeply ingrained. Light scratches or marks can be improved by regular circular motions to rejuvenate the natural oils in the leather.

Our best selling styles are our metallic shoes, especially in a high shine mirror which our customers love! Given the leather is sprayed with a fine metallic film, please bear in mind that the metallic effect will rub off with wear.

Leather being a natural product cannot remain metallic with wear. The metallic finish can be removed from abrasion and wear. This is not considered as a flaw or a fault, due to the nature of the leather. To increase its longevity, avoid contact with liquids containing alcohol, and clean regularly by gently wiping the products with a soft dry cloth. Do not use any cleaning product, and avoid scratching as much as possible. Store away from humidity and any sources of heat.

We would suggest to see a recommended shoe repairer who can spray the areas you require back to their original condition. You are welcome to email us for more information.

Getting married is an exciting time for our brides :) Many of our Bridal shoes are made with metallic heels and painted with metallic film to create a glossy, high shine gold or silver. These materials are delicate, and will need to be well cared for especially if worn on grass or in the rain, or rough surfaces such as gravel.