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05 Sep 2019

"Loved doing this interview with the gorgeous Rebecca Judd - Thanks Bec."

Bianca Buccheri is the woman behind her shoe label of the same name and the owner of luxury shoe salon, Dolci Firme. Her winter collection is so chic and I am claiming her Irina Point Boots (here) to be THE shoe of the season. I was lucky enough to catch up with Bianca and ask all about her career to date and the evolution of her brand.

- Tell me how you got into designing shoes

I started working in the fashion industry at the age of 15 and I come from an Italian background. After university I lived in Florence Italy and I studied fashion design. I got back to Melbourne and felt there was a gap missing in the market for shoe stores that were not high end designer but a store with shoes of very high quality without the designer price tag.

– What is your style?

I take inspiration from the streets of Milan and Paris; polished, feminine, sleek, modern….

– Tell me about some of the people/retailers you have designed for and what the process entails?

I have assisted in the styling, development and production of footwear for designers such as Scanlan Theodore, Husk, Life With Bird and Skin & Threads under their own brands.

Process normally entails an initial sketch or an idea that then requires my interpretation for detailed development in giving the client the best quality shoe to sell for their own brand. I then work with the factories in Italy to have them sampled, properly fitted and then ready for final production.

– Tell me about some of your most popular styles

Pointy toe stiletto pump- it’s been on repeat since we started pushing the point in 1999.

Wedges- we have found the perfect combination of comfort and femininity over the last 5 years

Flat sandals and ballet flats- staple items that we are renowned for producing that are “different” to what is on the market

Boots- especially vintage boots in soft leathers utilizing a traditional Italian technique of machine washing our soft hand dyed leathers

– Any interesting stories about people who’ve worn your shoes?

Linda Evangelista and Helena Christensen wore my Bianca Buccheri shoes for Melbourne Fashion week back in 1998. That was exciting! Bianca Buccheri has been worn by many local Australian actors and singers however in stores we have served many local and international celebrities in Dolci Firme……ranging from Usher, Enimem, Kylie Minogue, Danni, Princess Mary, Delta Goodrem to Serena Williams, Jo Stanley and Kat Stewart.

We have sold shoes to women that want to get back at their husbands and we have also had some women buy their “first” pair of expensive shoes/boots to impress potential new “love”…..

– Tell me about the evolution of your brand to where it is today and where you want to take it in the future

I started the Bianca Buccheri shoe collections in 1996. We sold them through local boutiques such as Bettina Liano and Allannah Hill. We have since pushed the brand in Dolci Firme and it has now become our house label. It is exclusive to Dolci Firme thus giving the customers the assurance of not seeing it everywhere. The Bianca Buccheri style doesn’t change much and there is now a large following as women have grown to love the style and quality.

A diffusion label “By Bianca” is a new project which I am working on….. High quality shoes using all my Italian components and leathers but assembled in China for a more affordable price point. These will be priced between $150- $250

– I love the interiors in your new store. What was your inspiration and who designed it

Melissa from Mill Interiors designed the concept. We had in mind a women’s boudoir or walk in robe that would emulate their own feminine space…… A personal experience. We love the different elements of copper and bronze. We will keep to this aesthetic with the future stores.

– How do you juggle running your own business and motherhood

It is very challenging! I have my moments especially when I need to travel but slowly the kids understand that work is important and it’s also what I love.

Booking a family holiday in the Melbourne winter is a “must” for me……dinner with friends and “me” time is what helps find a happy balance. But yes, its pretty crazy and hectic with 3 kids!

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