Pantheon Roma

Pantheon Roma is only distributed through an exclusive group of retailers throughout the world. Dolci Firme is proud to be the only retailer in Australia to stock this niche perfume brand.

The team that worked on the concept is Italian, the packaging and the bottles are Italians too and these are totally handcrafted. The result is a product that communicate refinement, luxury and elegance.

Pantheon Roma and the story around the fragrances are strongly linked with the Italian history of art. The Italian Renaissance was one of the most beautiful historical periods. The research of beauty was a central theme of the period. This project wants to show to people who live in modern times that there’s always a way to dream: searching for beauty and love. The love-story of Raffaello Sanzio and Margherita, lived against prejudices, tells of a true love that demonstrates how this feeling can generate creative energies and incredible marks on the humanity.

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