Shoe size guide





34 - 35.5

4 - 5.5

1 - 2.5

21 - 22.5

36 - 36.5

6 - 6.5

3 - 3.5

23 - 23.5

37 - 37.5

7 - 7.5

4 - 4.5

24 - 24.5

38 - 38.5

8 - 8.5

5 - 5.5

25 - 25.5

39 - 39.5

9 - 9.5

6 - 6.5

26 - 26.5

40 - 40.5

10 - 10.5

7 - 7.5

27 - 27.5

41 - 41.5

11 - 11.5

8 - 8.5

28 - 28.5

42 - 44

12 - 14

9 - 11

29 - 31

Shoe care and warranty:

Dolci Firme shoes are made by expert Italian craftsmen using the finest natural materials. As with all handmade products, each shoe will carry small individual differences and owing to the natural materials used slight imperfections may occur.

Each pair of shoes is of high quality and we suggest that particular care is taken during wear, especially shoes with hand embroidery or embellishments. We recommend that special care is taken in the protection of leather soles and replacing heel caps regularly by specialised shoe repairers.

To help increase the longevity of your shoes, we always recommend getting a shoe repairer to put on a "Topy Sole," a highly durable rubber sole that will ensure that they don't wear out. It can also protect the front of the shoe and prevent scuffing. It is therefore especially useful to keep your points in great condition. 

Please note that Dolci Firme is not responsible for eventual shortcomings due to the wear and tear or misuse of a product. Responsibility of the product due to determined manufacturing faults is taken where required by law.

Leather shoes and bags:

Always ask your leather specialist for advice before applying any product to your shoes and bags.

Leather items can last a lifetime if they are regularly maintained and treated well. Leather is skin and just as you would clean your own, you need to clean and nourish your leather to help retain its durability and texture.

Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out until it eventually cracks, scuffs and stiffens. Leather shoes and bags should be polished and conditioned once a month to preserve their life if they are worn regularly. When cleaning leather, never use strong detergents. Always choose a specific leather product that helps to preserve the natural lubricating oils rather than stripping them away.

Using a leather cleaner and a soft cloth is best way to remove dirt and debris, followed by a leather conditioner to soften your shoes or bag. When trying to minimise the appearance of scratches, use a cream formula that is a shade lighter than the shoe/bag, always test in an inconspicuous spot first.

Waterproofing sprays act as a barrier between leather and water, they can also prevent dirt from settling into the leather. They should only be applied to a clean, dry surface. Always follow the product's instructions and apply only as directed. NEVER USE HEAT TO DRY LEATHER. Always let leather AIR DRY.

Water is the number one enemy of leather and skin products. Always try to avoid puddles and rain where possible.

Patent leather:

Simply use a damp cloth (not wet) to clean surfaces and keep shiny. Patent shoes can scratch easily so avoid abrasive surfaces. Once a sharp object comes into contact with patent leather the damage is irreversible.

Suede shoes and bags:

Before wearing suede we recommend spraying them all over with a waterproofing spray to help protect them from dirt and water. Re-apply every couple of months.

Always ask your shoe repairer for advice before starting anything on your shoes and bags.

Pony Hair:

Always ask your shoe repairer for advice before starting anything on your shoes and bags.

Pony hair does not come from horses. It is the name used for hair that is from a calf. Calf hair is delicate and always wears out over time and constant rubbing on the same spot. To maintain a pony hair item, it is recommended that you do not wear the item in wet weather or while driving as the hair will come off where your feet touch the carpet, usually the heel area. You can wipe calf hair smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp cloth, not wet!

Thank you for choosing Dolci Firme.